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publicCreated 06/28/117

A group for all the fans of Green Day! Chat, post your favorite songs, and dis on those Green Day haters! All 'round awesome group! Awesome As F**K!


publicCreated 07/09/114

Come Here If You Are A Music Lover, Whether You're A Rock,Country,Jazz, Or Any Other Music Genre Fan, You Are Welcomed Here. As For The Mushroom Part, I Have No Idea What That's About. :D


publicCreated 08/05/113

If you luve music ,anime,manga then you can join this could be an awesome group and if you do anything wrong you will be limited to what everyoone do and then they would hate us both


publicCreated 08/12/11255

Hello to all the people who like or love Square Enix games, including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and other fun stuff that you can enjoy. So come on, join, and lets have fun. Must have...


publicCreated 08/19/1112

It's a group for peaple who love vocaloid (or people who are intrested in it). We talk about our favourite songs, characters and other stuff too (random stuff that's baerly related).