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publicCreated 05/27/1150

This group is all for KPOP Lovers out there that play aeria games, and we shall come together. Also please invite anyone to this group that's into K-POP, or anything Korean, like Korean Dramas, an...


publicCreated 06/11/115

Why listen to just ONE style of music while grinding or fighting on your favorite game, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL?! Seriously, Variety is the spice of life! That's why we play so many differe...


publicCreated 06/12/119

Nightcore music r awsome x3


publicCreated 06/13/113

dance all u want lol!! xP


publicCreated 06/21/113

Hi guys! So this is just a fun and random anime group that anyone can join! You can meet new people,talk about anything,and just have fun! There are no limits whatsoever! Everyone is welcome! (: