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publicCreated 10/14/105

Welcome To Club Infinity The Hottest Spot In Town Where All Your Dreams Become Reality.Do You Love Techno?Trance?Electronica?Club?Dance?Club Infinity Has It All Post Your Favorite Artist,Dj's,Vi...


publicCreated 10/15/105

No Music-No Life


publicCreated 11/09/104

Something for fun. Anime, manga, music discussions and such. Just somewhere to hang out and meet new people.


publicCreated 11/20/102

I found that none of the groups interested me on here, they were either too dull or nonsense so I have decided to design this little forum for those who are seduced by the beauty of darkness, who find...


publicCreated 12/24/1011

A group for those who love the Visual Kei style and music of Japan.