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publicCreated 05/13/105

Need music? We got it.


publicCreated 05/21/1012

This a group for people who know what the Vocaloids are and who are willing to discuss many different things about them. This is also a group for people who like anime/manga and music. Or for people w...


publicCreated 06/04/102

for ppl who get bored


publicCreated 07/23/103100

hey so this is a fun anime group were you talk about anything you want ^^. meet friends,role play,anime,song's,dance's,or just be random.there is no limit's for what you can do well apa...


publicCreated 10/12/106

A group where you can get together and talk about sick bands with face melting riffs and bonecrushing break downs. Learn of new bands from one another. Or get your band known! All metal heads welcome!