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publicCreated 10/19/09171

((((Peace On Earth)))) This is a group for people who love anime or manga, love music, love to just hang around with some friends, and for people who have a dream about anything that they'll work...


publicCreated 10/23/096

this is for the people who want to show off their rocking personalities and meet new people. i don't claim myself the leader. i claim myself as the thinker. anyone's welcome. judging is for ...


publicCreated 10/25/0945

Join if you like music


publicCreated 10/25/099

Join if you are random


publicCreated 11/09/0930

Anybody who loves epic combat, fights, or battles Anybody who loves music Anybody who loves weapons Anybody who loves animating/animations Anybody who loves art, drawing, or anime Anybody who lov...