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For Megaten artists and art enthusiasts, or anyone that loves art in general XD


publicCreated 01/02/1073

Welcome to the group that is all about Aeria Games Forum Mafia! =D If you have been a player, or are currently a player in one of the Aeria Games Forum Mafia Games, this is the group for you! If yo...


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publicCreated 01/21/1029

For the fans of the series and who plays Imagine. We, that played the original series, know how much that may help understanding Imagine easier. So, let's talk about Imagine, keep track on what&#...


publicCreated 01/22/107

This group is for Clan Rogues from Megaten and for people that want to join our group for rp or just random talk. Doesn't matter we just like having fun. So you can find our clan on Megaten runni...