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publicCreated 12/06/1115

Oh Hai, thats a group for who loves a sweety Tea, who also likes Alice In The Wonderland, Kuroshiitsuji,etc.Well..Come'on I know you love tea, it's the best thing ever, come here and take yo...


publicCreated 12/20/113

We are the Divines. We bring a cold hard fist down upon our enemies, leaving nothing behind! [ This clan is for anyone who plays any Aeria Games, game. ] "And most of us are really cute whe...


publicCreated 01/04/121

this is a group made for my Clan in megaten if your not a member but you'd like to join just pm me in game or any one else in the clan my in game name is BlazeSaber. I look foreword to playing with yo...


publicCreated 01/10/121

My other personal megaten clan


publicCreated 02/21/121

Clan of once elite forces of Demon Buster of Tokyo.After years of having gone missing, one of the members has return from the waves and has come to take arms again once more. Join us in the journey to...