Groups tagged 'megaten'


publicCreated 05/18/112

A support and roleplaying guild on Megaten. Feel free to check us out!


publicCreated 06/10/115

Clan from MegaTen, With Master Draek an Amazing and Talkitive Group willing to Help Lowbies and Everyone else who needs it! Currently Branching into Other games as well this includes 12Sky2 so far!


publicCreated 07/13/111

The epic clan of CASINO, featuring players from MT kicking arse and setting standards of pro-ness.


publicCreated 08/13/112

This is a guild of Roleplayers. Its currently on Megaten. Join if you want, join if you dont.


publicCreated 08/29/1118

Frostie Friends is a group dedicated to promoting the ethical treatment of Jack Frosts. Many people regard these demons as a nuisance, but they are wrong. In fact, Jack Frosts are creatures of joy a...