Groups tagged 'megaten'


publicCreated 12/11/102

Guild for megaten MUST be english mail leader for invite plaz ty and have a good day =3


publicCreated 12/22/103

Para quem Gosta do Game


publicCreated 12/22/1018

Group of Shin Megami Tensei/Lime Odyssey Clan Aeolis • Please make sure to join the clan forums if you are a member of this group.


publicCreated 01/23/113

Venom Clan message board for my clanmates in megaten. Anyone from megaten are also welcome in my clan. Any Fans of Echorion are also welcome. [wish I was that popular. XD]


publicCreated 01/28/115

a group made by the Clan master harukogina for the members of SakuraXx.