Groups tagged 'megaten'


publicCreated 10/03/095

~NewbCorp~ We Are a small group of "not so high but kinda high lvl players". Most of us know alot. We garuntee NO kicking unless u breakz the rules :P


publicCreated 10/04/091

Demon Hunters: We hunt demons for fun, we kill our enemies... for fun, we watch each others back for security. Only the most elite people may be chosen to join. Our minimum level is 25. You must be a...


publicCreated 10/05/095

We are an megaten clan who helps other players, we will take everybody RULES: other clan members 2.dont kill everybody nice person 4.!!!JOIN US!!!


publicCreated 10/22/094

Mein MEGATEN Clan (7Siegen) sucht gute und Freuntliche spieler


publicCreated 10/23/096

this is for the people who want to show off their rocking personalities and meet new people. i don't claim myself the leader. i claim myself as the thinker. anyone's welcome. judging is for ...