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publicCreated 07/26/102

The Country of Hearts is at your service.


publicCreated 08/17/1028

Bleach FAN Group on Aeria Games. Feel free to join us if you watch the anime or read the manga.


publicCreated 09/12/1011

If you like pasta, if you think England's food sucks, or if you like historical anime, then I welcome you to Hetalia-Axis-Power of epicness! Become a nation and talk about the most randomness stuff a...


publicCreated 09/24/10129

Well What can I say my main purpose for this group is to help people and I`m hoping it`ll be a big group and this group is for all kinds of stuff like Anime , Manga , Games , Movies and also Music of ...


publicCreated 10/05/1041

This group is all about Pokemon (and other anime and manga) Just try to have fun and dont be too mean X3