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publicCreated 01/03/1020

This is for people who enjoy anime/manga, especially Goth Lolita, Magical Girl, Mahou Magical Girl, and other Shoujou~esque genres~ This group does not exclude based on gender nor on sexual orientatio...


publicCreated 01/12/107

This group is meant to be a hatred free lounge with rabid discussion about comics, gorgeous boys, hair, fashion, gender politics, jrock, gamer woes, bedtimes etc.


publicCreated 01/24/1048

If you are fans of Soul Eater then this is the place for you! We mainly talk about Soul Eater and we also do role play! I've created a characters list of some Soul Eater characters. So it would be gre...


publicCreated 02/17/1014

In this group, you can talk about your favorit anime, and to know more animes.


publicCreated 04/05/1011

Grupos para los Amantes de las Lolis Moe de algun anime o algun dibujo, todo lo relacionado de estas lindas lolis.