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publicCreated 03/11/132

Bonjour et bienvenue dans cette guilde 100 % Kawaii et qui aime la culture Nippon et les mangas !OwO Vous êtes la bienvenue !8D


publicCreated 03/20/1311

All things yugioh. news on latest episodes, cards, tournaments, chapters, video games, talk, and more. All duelist and fans welcome. Join the duelist Kingdom today.


publicCreated 03/21/136

Be the who you want to be, in here,this dimension society doesn't exist. All discussions can, will be done here whatever the context. There is special welcome to new players into aeria's world. art is...


publicCreated 04/13/1313

This group is for any and every one who is a fan of any or all of the series Megaman, aka Rockman. Megaman has many games, anime's manga's and more that many are fans of. Any one is free to join. Joi...


publicCreated 04/13/132

This team is for fans of Gintama and people who want to help people and start there own odd jobs like Gin! Post job requests on the discussion page and also chat there. Jobs will later be posted on th...