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publicCreated 10/19/09168

((((Peace On Earth)))) This is a group for people who love anime or manga, love music, love to just hang around with some friends, and for people who have a dream about anything that they'll work...


publicCreated 11/14/0929

This clan is for all you Manga lovers out there! Enjoy!


publicCreated 11/18/0992

This group is for talking about anime and making friends only!?!! NO FIGHTING PLEEZE!!!! 3-Strikes ur out ok!?!!


publicCreated 11/21/0941

This is a group for us otaku's! (^__^) We otaku's are anime/manga fan! (n__n) Are you also one? Please come and join us!


publicCreated 11/29/0954

For fans of all anime and manga, young and old, past and present.