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publicCreated 01/25/104

Like Magic? Like talking about Magic, Mages, and Powers? Look no Further! In here, all dreams can come true with the power of magic!


publicCreated 03/30/103

We play with magic not swords, join if you use magic :)


publicCreated 02/06/1320

Welcome to _Fairy_Tail_! Even if you are unsure, or clueless, or ask, "What is Fairy Tail?" Anyone can join! As long as you follow your dreams.


publicCreated 12/11/1311

The Fairy Tail Guild on Aeria Games


publicCreated 12/11/13190

No matter what you do or where you are, as long as you're with your friends that is your guild. I want to make a guild "regardless of name" where the members are all friends, helping each other and ba...