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publicCreated 08/29/104



publicCreated 09/01/103

DeathRow, should we say more? We are a bunch of misfits running around LC like we know what we are doing, but in actuality we know not a signal thing.


publicCreated 10/24/104

we r a vary frendly clan and prefer other in the clan to be the same im still new at this dont know mutch yet so give me a bit of time to figure things out thank u and hope u have fun


publicCreated 10/29/1011

We will have book and game talks, when we will talk about a certain topic for a period of two weeks or longer. If you are in need of a group and you want something exciting, then join this group. If y...


publicCreated 11/06/107

Gruppo gilda LegionOfItalians ,LastCahos , sever sarissa. il forum