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publicCreated 05/31/103

We love to kill monsters and bosses.If u like getting in partys and just owning everything then u have joined the right group.


publicCreated 06/23/103

They Have A Lvl Cap Of 91 They Are A Cool Guild They Are Very Nice They Help Us They Have Lots Of High Lvls In There Too So If You Would Like To Join Pm Me - HuStLeMaN - If You Play On Sarissa Tha...


publicCreated 08/08/106

Night Shadow Only


publicCreated 08/10/102

come have fun no rules an no wineing, just killing or sit by an do the dieing :D


publicCreated 08/15/102

lastchaos guild ,all member from philippines only allowed to join ..... we all proud to be a pilipino!!!Tayo'y mga pinoy ay hindi kano wag kang mahihiya kung ang ilong mo ay pango!:P