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publicCreated 03/11/103

for all those people that hate it when there health and mana stealers take so long to go off!


publicCreated 04/12/1010

This group is devoted to LastChaos, the perfect game. Devoted to furthering both the player and the game. "The last legend has begun."©


publicCreated 05/01/103

Guild :)


publicCreated 05/22/103

xXStonedKingSXx is a good guild :P and mostly sp'ers are likey to come in it we are improving it bit by bit :)


publicCreated 05/23/1014

Hello, we here are a group of players that play LastChaos. We are welcoming new players! We only have a few rules 1. Have to play LastChaos 2. Have to be polite 3. Have to have fun Think you...