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publicCreated 09/10/0916

_SorelleDellaLuna_ (Italian for "SistersOftheMoon") are a Guild found on Katrissa, Vinicius, and Nereus. We are unofficially allied with ROSECRUCIAN of Katrissa, SweeTarts of Katrissa, PurpleTextHere...


publicCreated 09/10/099

Come have fun


publicCreated 10/12/0930

XxDivinityxX Guild Events, news, etc


publicCreated 10/13/0911

spread the knowledge of last chaos to new commers and help those who r in need of help:) we also love to chat if anyone is bored:)


publicCreated 10/21/097

hi everyone this guild is fr those u seems everyone like one not like in game ur differebt guild so this is 1 guild for sll ppls