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publicCreated 10/06/0955

join if u like pk'ing on LC :p


publicCreated 10/11/0912

Eclypse Guild in Last Chaos. If you r in the guild u can join or u can join if you are interested in joing the Guild.You can also join if you like last chaos and want to be part of the group, guild me...


publicCreated 10/17/0947

What do you get when you take a handful of original Vendetta members (Hatzring Servers), add in another handful of inducted Vendetta members (who EARNED their tags), mix it up with a former member tha...


publicCreated 10/21/098

The Ultimate Self-relied group. We take care of each other and our allies.


publicCreated 10/21/0914

Be apart of the durty ghetto adventures of [GM]JediMike!