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publicCreated 08/07/105

I hope someone here likes Kpop :D SHINee Fighting :D Every fan of Kpop or SHINee should Join :3


publicCreated 05/27/1150

This group is all for KPOP Lovers out there that play aeria games, and we shall come together. Also please invite anyone to this group that's into K-POP, or anything Korean, like Korean Dramas, an...


publicCreated 05/28/1132

Hello! Ce groupe est fait pour tous ceux qui aiment la culture coréenne (Dramas, Music, ou autres). Ici, faites partager tous ce que vous savez là dessus. D'ailleurs, K-Pop signifie "Korean Pop" E...


publicCreated 09/15/1111

Hello and welcome to the world of KPOP! This group will let you on the latest info and gossip and news of the KPOP world. I will also take in requests about your fave KPOP band or group so that I know...


publicCreated 07/11/1253

ohai o3o