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publicCreated 11/02/0918

TheMetalHeads are an active guild on Katar 4. We love to PK and have fun ! Rock on \m/


publicCreated 12/17/091

Fighting for balance in a corrupt game. We will take those who hate the why things happen and want something to be done whatever lvl you are we fight as a whole to bring an equal balance back to the ...


publicCreated 05/23/1014

Hello, we here are a group of players that play LastChaos. We are welcoming new players! We only have a few rules 1. Have to play LastChaos 2. Have to be polite 3. Have to have fun Think you...


publicCreated 06/21/102

Hustling, est. 2007 on Katar. Visit our guild website at


publicCreated 06/30/109

Hellas!!!!!!!!Server:Katar Gm:paplo