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publicCreated 09/26/091413

YO YO YO! WE ARE AWSOME! and you shall join because this group's awsomness will make you join :). we are a cool/chill group with random discussions. GIGGITY


publicCreated 03/04/104

Come to the Darkside . . . We have cookies :D


publicCreated 11/21/102

This is the Guild for the Von Cross Kingdom. All recruits will be considered but not all recruits will become a Von Cross. The Leader/King of the Von Cross Kingdom is Kurah81. Any questions regaurding...


publicCreated 06/21/112

lets get eseay for them to destroy


publicCreated 09/07/112

W.O.L.F. Worldwide Operational Liberation Force) Are you a decent human being who is tired of playing pick-up games with trolls, trash-talkers, spawn-killers and a seemingly endless wave of lost newbs...