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publicCreated 12/15/0910

If you join ill give you a cookie and call you a good little doggie. than ill kick you and throw you in a closet where youll have to stay for the rest of your dog life cause you cant reach the door no...


publicCreated 09/10/111

The creator is an EPIC fan of Okami. :3 That is where this guild/group originated xD.


publicCreated 09/05/12463

We are a group that enjoys the meaning of life. We are awesome and all our members are required to be friendly and a good sport. We talk about anime, and would be pleased to have you and create more t...


publicCreated 11/19/12166

This group is dedicated to socialize and express their thoughts to the anime or manga that they love especially SAO. Feel free to talk to anyone of the members. Enjoy guys.