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publicCreated 01/27/122

I noticed that there wasn't any other Homestuck groups, so I decided to make my own :33 Even if you have read Homstuck or not , you are free to join this group! Hopefully , more people will join a...


publicCreated 05/13/122

A group for the Homestucks of Aeria games to come and chat.


publicCreated 10/20/121

A group for the cult that is homestuck. Just talking about characters, cosplay, shipping, hussie, and everything else. And also meeting more people who like homestuck.


publicCreated 12/30/123

Hi friends, and welcome to Rainbow Rumpus Partytown. This group is about anything you guys want, and all interests are welcome. Jerks and meanies will receive the Banhammer of Shame. So let's all have...


publicCreated 02/11/132

Fangroup for the webcomic "Homestuck" and all things Sburb, Skaia, and Alternia. RPing welcomed. Sick fires encouraged. Honks not allowed.