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publicCreated 01/27/103

Kami No Ichi Divine number One ------------------------------ Grand fantasia guild, not on alice server. This is just advertisement =D Free advertisement!!! That wont anoy everyone on world cha...


publicCreated 01/27/108

Group for the NightOfEternity Guild.


publicCreated 03/03/103

Hi all, we are the guild RandomProS, a only Grand Fantasia guild! We are a social and fun clan but we doing instances, guild meetings, helping other members! Rules : No spam Do u want to join...


publicCreated 03/04/104

Come to the Darkside . . . We have cookies :D


publicCreated 03/05/105

We are a brimming new guild. And now prowl amongst other guilds in Last Chaos. And to aspire to become a much bigger guild. To also become better establishment as a guild. Our organization is just n...