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publicCreated 01/04/108

A fun, active domo guild. PM Aureole for invites ingame. Server: Sapphire


publicCreated 01/05/103

This guild is for people who are happy and love random things like butterfly poop and pineapple grapes! The reason why it is private is because I don't want a bunch of weird losers in my guild. o...


publicCreated 01/12/102

This is a group for the guild members of FIRE and FRIENDS and is a place for all its members to come and talk or whatever during maintenance or whenever they are bored and just want to see the other g...


publicCreated 01/16/1024

We are the guild DragonRiders. We would love for anyone to join us. Everyone is welcome no matter lvl, mode, or toon. Plz apply in game with the Guild Master in Glitter. We help one another and grind...


publicCreated 01/20/108

Shadow Dreamers guild from Onyx server =3