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publicCreated 12/21/094

If Your In The Guild DogSoldiers On last Chaos Pls Join Here.


publicCreated 12/27/096

hko guild


publicCreated 12/29/0929

welcome to HeAdHuNtErS we are a guild for all AUZARUE-eu players we can use every 1s help new or old week or strong HH is fun for all so pm me to join we will b glad to have u


publicCreated 12/30/094

A group for the member of the Forbidden Court on the Etain Server of Shaiya.


publicCreated 01/03/104

this group is soon going to be the most powerfull aria game group in order to gain acess though i have two requirments 1:u must be a beast *have the fact ur some kind of beast mentioned in ur screen n...