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publicCreated 08/07/133

This is a Group for members of PurgeDaWorld Guild or people who want to join


publicCreated 08/08/133



publicCreated 08/17/131

"The Swarm" welcoms everybody, we aim to have fun and we aid each other when ever possible. Every Saturday we will go on group raids. If you find a rare item you keep it. Hope to see you soon!


publicCreated 08/24/1311

To organize and for fun, We of The Guild Yggdrasil, start a forum to share information for members offline. To join you must be a member of the guild on Wartune server 4.


publicCreated 08/27/1336

Legion™ lead by IronMaiden, is a Rank 5 Guild located in Server 4 of Wartune. We strive to help each other in the most digress times. I'm very proud of what my members have become. One thing to reme...