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publicCreated 04/16/1314

Caged is comprised of laid back, casual players who get together for good fun times with friends. Whether it's to get together to quest, grind, do dungeons, or just sit around and hang out; the main p...


publicCreated 04/21/132

This is our Guilds Temporary Means of Communicatios while the web-site goes up,


publicCreated 05/13/131

Yggdrasilz is a serious, social/leveling guild on Scarlet Blade that aims to provide a welcoming atmosphere for any and all serious players wishing to play this game as it should be played, as an MMO.


publicCreated 05/26/131

Welcome to TDA. We are a guild that's been known in the past as a top guild in many Ragnarok Online servers and have come today to be the top once again, but now in other games. Do you have what it ta...


publicCreated 06/05/133

This group is for the guild Deviant_C0re and those interested in learning more or joining.