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publicCreated 01/30/133

we speak English & Espanol (Spanish) the purpose of this guilt is to unknown but we will find the meaning of this guild one day together ^^


publicCreated 02/05/132

Everyone needs to get line chat you can get it on your phone or on a computer at this website: then you add either revina_lovecraft, Nerollix, or Warrior 1


publicCreated 02/19/1315

-Construção- *Desculpem o transtorno mas eu prefiro começar a editar o grupo durante e depois do CBT, ainda tem muitas coisas sendo alteradas mas podem me adicionar e me perguntar o que vocês quis...


publicCreated 03/01/132

"We know that the dragon has a tail...Do they them, we're a mystery...consumed in our hunger for the best adventure for all eternity"- Dam Lee (DragonTail's Master) We run our group li...


publicCreated 03/01/1357

Nothing much to it, if you like anime this is the place for you. Feel free to say whatever you like, this is a new guild btw. you can always visit our chat site Ps. Please in...