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publicCreated 11/28/123

welcome from _FairyTail_


publicCreated 12/07/1287

Home of Royal guards faction guild Evolution. We evolve, we adapt, and we conquer! Join us, we must protect the kingdom! =D ♥


publicCreated 12/09/1222

Welcome back to DarkStalker! If we need to choose a faction, it will be "Free Knight." Our guild is usually not strict and kinda "feel free to do what you want?" Purpose of the guild: Play for fun. W...


publicCreated 01/17/131

We are the Zhanshi Bixia, The Soldiers of His Majesty. We formed back under Yuan Shao's banner when the tyrant Dong Zhuo still reigned over the land. We recruit only officers with historically accurat...


publicCreated 01/27/134

Scarlet Blade is in need of help, our last hope is Squad Zero we who are the last of our kind must protect our comrades to overcome the Free Knights who seeks only Chaos! Squad Zero is up to the task ...