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publicCreated 10/25/1231

our guild's group for fun and other herbs, could be usefull to avoid alternative chars in our guild, advertise ppl about showdown and other guild instances, and post stuffs and who knows


publicCreated 10/31/121

We are multi-gaming guild that came from many different games. Our family grows bigger with every new game we play with members all around the globe. We hope we can meet the new challenge and enjoy th...


publicCreated 11/12/122

Aeternum, where nobles and knights are the future of the greatest kingdoms. -"Not alone, but at your side will I stand forever"- angelslove


publicCreated 11/22/125

We are a social Guild for Grand Fantasia (Quill Server).


publicCreated 11/27/1259

LucidDream, the guild in DKonline, open for anyone to drop in and join. Trying to keep you all together. With the Chinese New Year, and the other New Year approaching, I am sure you're all excited! Th...