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publicCreated 09/01/122

Welcome to Rise of the Necropolis. We are legion.


publicCreated 09/07/121

We are new guild on the Quill server in Grand Fantasia. Everyone is welcome to the guild! :) Website:


publicCreated 09/14/122

We are a family-friendly multi-gaming guild. We put more of an emphasis on a person's character rather than how well they play the game. Membership is available to anyone who demonstrates mature and r...


publicCreated 09/18/126

TekkenForce, Italian Clan (Online since 09/03/2004)"One Clan One Force, More Than A Legend, A Myth"


publicCreated 10/25/1231

our guild's group for fun and other herbs, could be usefull to avoid alternative chars in our guild, advertise ppl about showdown and other guild instances, and post stuffs and who knows