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publicCreated 12/01/095

You Know Who We Are. If You Dont Then Learn! We Are Just A Friendy Openminded Guild On Gaia(Fury Side Of Course). We Are One Of The Top Ranked Guilds & Like Are Name Says We Are Fury Unite...


publicCreated 12/02/094

GENOCIDE! a Swedish Guild in Grand Fantasia.


publicCreated 12/09/094

NefariousShadows guild


publicCreated 12/09/095

This is a Clan made to help new players and to talk about the anime 1/2 prince. We don't limit our selves to just that. We will also be active in in-game events, such as this beta. We don't discrimina...


publicCreated 12/14/093

<b>Vanity</b> <br> <br> The guild Vanity, a source of pride, honor and,vengeance. <br> We are recruiting anymembers as long as you are active, friendly talk among us...