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publicCreated 04/01/122

New guild in Eden Eternal. Venimus, vidimus, vicimus.....We came, we saw and we conquered !


publicCreated 04/04/1262

Hello one and all! Purpose of this group is to make it easier to stay in touch with and track everyone who play the shooter: AVA. Its also for dedicated and active players hence the title "AVA ner...


publicCreated 04/13/121

Group Designed for Shaiya Players who enjoy Player vs Player! | Grupo Destinado a Jogadores de Shaiya Que Curtem Jogador vs Jogador!


publicCreated 04/16/1228

Yeni Gelecek Olan Runes Of Magic de İlkinde Olduğu Gibi Lider Klan Olmak İçin Geliyoruz. Gerekli Bilgi İçin Resmi Tıklayın Özel Mesaj Atın ekranı tam göre b...


publicCreated 04/19/121

We make graphics have a website soon making customs. We will have a forum too.please make a Marapets account too and say Lexieluna referred you.We will talk,share tips and have about p...