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publicCreated 09/10/0944

A group for Guild leaders all over shaiya to come and discuss the going ons of their guild.Come join the fun


publicCreated 09/11/097

This group is for a Team in Project Torque. We are arising from the dead, returning for the #1 rank in teams, taking down 1 team at a time, 1 rank at a time.


publicCreated 09/11/0932

The_Great_BrotherHood Guild Teos AoL


publicCreated 09/16/0951

666 is made up of the best players with 3 common goals.... Make 666 the Best Guild in Shaiya, Kill Lighties (Stupid Lighties), and Have FUN.


publicCreated 09/24/0933

Friendly guild for every game of Aeria.