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publicCreated 09/29/09110

for those who love anime and being random and stuff x3 this is tha club for you!!! want more friends or popularity? pssh i got you covered x] ~


publicCreated 09/29/0982

Like anime and random stuff and more? This is tha club for you!!!! This clan/club is for random anime lovers or just coolio random people!!! This clan does a lot of random stuff every few days and wil...


publicCreated 08/17/103

Post your blogs about Souljaboy Post your favorite song post about almost everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (about him)


publicCreated 11/29/101



publicCreated 08/26/1151

This group was made to share people opinions of different type of signatures,share your ideas/views on how you make your signatures, to learn different styles of signature making,etc. Also we can lis...