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publicCreated 04/17/112

A group for people to join in on and have fun. Create teams/clans/guilds, meet new people, or just chat.


publicCreated 05/13/119

Do you like Dynasty warriors? - Join Do you still play it - Join You like it but dont have it - Join Your thinking of getting it - Join You like a specific character/characters - Join You like th...


publicCreated 05/15/112

If exists groups against cheating, there is one group of people which cheat, cheated and will cheat more beside of all restrictions and bans. Those players are not limited by bans boundaries, they are...


publicCreated 06/05/113

This group is for everyone to join! It's for chat and might keep up with the News!


publicCreated 06/29/111

We're a group/clan/guild/team, whichever you want to refer to it as. We mostly going to consist of people who know each other in real life and can contact each other. One things for certain, we are an...