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publicCreated 12/19/103

This is the worst group ever. It really is. None of that Naruto stuff even compares to how bad this group is. Why are you even here?


publicCreated 12/29/103

A group of die hard shaiya players that eat, sleep, breathe and dream what they love.


publicCreated 01/09/119

Saphael's Treasure Finders Union, Seriously S.T.F.U


publicCreated 01/29/1127

This is the gathering place of the Role Players to share story ideas and collaborate new Role Plays on the Dynasty Warriors Online forum.


publicCreated 03/27/117

"Game Guide Group" We are not GameSages or something like that. We just want to help You, dear Players! We've hope we will have great experience with that game! Greetings! Seraphio: IGN: Ia...