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publicCreated 12/24/094

Finally a group that doesn't revolve around any ove the games here on aeria. just a group for friends to hang out and talk about anything. this group is intended for i guess you could say hardcor...


publicCreated 01/10/103

thts my name lol


publicCreated 01/24/1049

If you are fans of Soul Eater then this is the place for you! We mainly talk about Soul Eater and we also do role play! I've created a characters list of some Soul Eater characters. So it would be gre...


publicCreated 03/09/1027

if u like my guides join and i will have more posted!! up coming guides lvl 36-100 p lvl guide


publicCreated 05/08/103

JustBringIt is a group of gamers that have now been together 11 years. Together we play MMORPG games and FPS games.