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publicCreated 11/14/1227

Hey I just met you! and this is crazy, But here's a Fanclub, For you Aeria.Mazinger baby!


publicCreated 12/15/1220

Fan club for the Overlord [GS]TreishaSempai (Asuka) of DKO. Why you ask? FOr the nosebleeds 'o course. Why else??? :P


publicCreated 01/02/133

Join us fools


publicCreated 01/30/133

we speak English & Espanol (Spanish) the purpose of this guilt is to unknown but we will find the meaning of this guild one day together ^^


publicCreated 02/11/1345

Hello everyone~:D Welcome to DDT's infamous Secret SB(shoutbox) group!! This is for members who use the sb and can come here to chat:3. In this club will host: - Discussion - ArtContests - GamesNev...