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publicCreated 10/09/121

If you love anime, MMORPG's or both then this clans for you. New to aeria games and playing a MMORPG such as GrandFantasia,CrystalSaga or EdenEternal then even better we will welcome you with warm han...


publicCreated 11/03/121

Groupe de la guilde familiere sur GF


publicCreated 11/08/121

Nous unissons nos forçes dans tout jeux vidéo.Nous nous entraidons dans des jeux fps,3è personne,etc...


publicCreated 11/12/122

Aeternum, where nobles and knights are the future of the greatest kingdoms. -"Not alone, but at your side will I stand forever"- angelslove


publicCreated 12/06/122

For people who love Touhou Project, this is your place :D EXPAND THE GENSOKYO CULTURE!