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publicCreated 12/04/0959

for any and all who love grandfantasia


publicCreated 12/13/094

This group is the official AeriaGames group for FantasiaPlanet - The communities Grand Fantasia resource center! Please enjoy your stay and be active on our website!


publicCreated 02/12/103

Guilde Balamb de Grand Fantasia


publicCreated 03/23/1033

We are just a group of addicts looking for some comradery and yes maybe a few hints X)


publicCreated 03/29/107

Wir, alle in der Gruppe, sind GrandFantasia spieler. Wir lieben dieses Spiel reden darüber und bilden Gemeindschaften InGame. Bei fragen wende dich an Cingubii, der InGame Cingubi heißt. Mfg. Cin...