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publicCreated 05/05/101

un grupo para que se unan los miembros de este gremio tan connotado xD


publicCreated 05/10/1024

As long as you watch anime, or at least read manga or manhwa, you're welcome here.


publicCreated 05/12/106

Hier Kommen alle rein die bei dem Spiel Grand Fantasia in der wohl besten Gilde überhaupt sind^^ Muhaha^^


publicCreated 05/17/1018

We are a fun energetic guild juss here to play the game have fun and kill some mobs! We try to help our guildies as much as possible and have fun doin it! we also have a FB page where ppl can post SS...


publicCreated 05/20/1012

Gremio Excelian del Grand Fantasia ES