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publicCreated 12/22/0913

this is a group for gamers and the who wana join


publicCreated 01/03/1034

didn't see many groups for this game so I made one =3


publicCreated 01/06/104

Hey I was bored so I made a group... Yeah idk why but w/e just join it... or tumorrow youll eat 900 cheeses and u will die.


publicCreated 01/22/104

This a group for the FallenAngels Brazilian Guild from Grand Fantasia. (Somos uma guilda brasileira do jogo Grand Fantasia. Caso queira participar, envie mensagem para 20Matar ou Atreyu ingame. Con...


publicCreated 01/27/103

Kami No Ichi Divine number One ------------------------------ Grand fantasia guild, not on alice server. This is just advertisement =D Free advertisement!!! That wont anoy everyone on world cha...