Groups tagged 'grand fantasia'


publicCreated 11/30/096

The Black Hounds are a multi-genre gaming team with a mercenary type style. Sorta like Black Water but in video games. We have a theme to all our characters as they are all named and styled after cani...


publicCreated 11/30/097

A Grand Fantasia group for those who don't have time to wait for groups. We will run your instances for you. For a price. ***Working on a hiring platform***


publicCreated 11/30/0914

Welcome to Grand Fantasia's Heavens Guild! We were an active guild in the Closed Beta and hope to keep it up! Around here, our guild members are our family, so we'll be treating each other a...


publicCreated 12/01/0943

This group is devoted to the prevention of cruelty onto those lovely sprites in grand fantasia. Yes, they can be annoying by failing to make your yellow or orange, or even your white! like 5 times in ...


publicCreated 12/02/094

GENOCIDE! a Swedish Guild in Grand Fantasia.