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publicCreated 11/07/099

This is a place for GLBTQ... etc. gaymers can play, learn, meet friends and feel at home. Hopefully this will help make the games just that much more fun for you. ^_^


publicCreated 11/10/093

this group is for gay furrys and gay pplz and furrys all togeather be nice and have fun if ur mean or a hater bye bye the co owner is my husben sabin shore


publicCreated 06/16/101

We all hate Snakeman (from MegaTen).


publicCreated 12/12/10257

This is a group for those in the LGBT Community here at the Aeria Community, or friends thereof, that play MMO games. ^_^ It's nice to know that you're not alone out here in the virtual world, and tha...


publicCreated 05/25/112

Send me spam at My password is 123456Aa Or inbox if you want to kill me