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publicCreated 03/04/108

Join the Undergroundnation, We're friendily,like to talk,and help eachother :) *all are welcome*


publicCreated 03/23/103

For all who need friends and have respect. And For All Who Love The Freedom.


publicCreated 03/24/103

for all guild plz be work more time for guild and lvl up.....


publicCreated 04/01/106

Our group is mostly about having fun and getting to kno eachother. Also we can hav like fun parties, eat junk foods and other fun stuff!!Our team will help if anyone needs help we will be your heros j...


publicCreated 04/26/104

For anybody recovering from an injury or has been injured or just want to talk to some people who are injured. Basically, its an Old Peoples home without the old people and gross stuff.