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publicCreated 05/13/119

Do you like Dynasty warriors? - Join Do you still play it - Join You like it but dont have it - Join Your thinking of getting it - Join You like a specific character/characters - Join You like th...


publicCreated 05/15/114

A group created for fans and players of the action based MMORPG "Realm Of The Titans" produced by Aeria Games.


publicCreated 06/18/111

Welcome fans of DDTank! This team will get better as more members come. Right now, You must be at least Level 5 on DDtank and above.


publicCreated 06/25/111

Welcome to AnythingGoes! A group where you can talk about what you feel like ^_^ (As long as its appropriate). You can talk about Aeria games, chat with people, give/get addvice on the games, or just ...


publicCreated 06/27/112

Anyone here play Kitsu saga???